There are a number of moving parts as seen in a garage door as well as a garage door opener. Most of the constituent parts that are found in the garage doors and openers are made from metal that may have a number of sharp points or edges. The cables can be designed in such a way that they have burrs or small frays. The sections of the doors and the door tracks, as well as rollers, can consist of pinch points. It is a constant recommendation by the American Veteran Garage that one must have protective gloves on at all times whenever the individual is working on the garage door as well as opener.


Do not opt for any unnecessary Garage Door related Repairs unless:


  1. One has the correct tools as well as all equipment required for safety measures. The safety glasses and gloves must not be neglected and should always be worn at the time of work. The work boots are also a must. Any kind of loosely fitted clothes and jewelry should not be worn at the time of repairing.
  2. An individual has a reasonable and professional amount of experience in dealing with such kind of work.
  3. One has enough physical fitness to complete the tasks as pertaining to the mechanical aptitude and physical strength that is required for tasks like climbing ladders, using wrenches as well as installing springs.
  4. One has the complete ability to read, understand as well as follow instructions.


If an individual has any doubt regarding his ability to conduct the tasks, then in such a situation it is highly recommended that the person should get in touch with a garage door professional who can complete the task of repairing without any hassle.


The directions, entirely work on the basis of the torsion springs set up. With a frontal mouthed center that bears a plate along with a spring or a number of springs that are found attached to the center. It is designed with cable drums and bearing plates along with cables that are seen coming up from the cable drums which are positioned on the backside. Any kind of changes if imposed in this normal kind of setup, then in such a situation it will eventually render to a null and void direction. If an individual has a garage door with a different kind of spring set up, then one must not follow the aforesaid instructions. This should not be done because it may lead to damage of the garage door, along with some serious injury or even death during the process of repair. Therefore in such a situation, it is recommended that the person should call for a door assembly professional in case the set up of the door spring is something different from the usual ones.


It should be ensured that there is a regular replacement in pairs of the bottom brackets and cables so as to make sure that there is a continuity in the overall length. With a replacement of the additional components while replacing the brackets along with the cables will eventually help in saving a lot of time in the near future.


The necessary tools for Replacing Garage Door Cables:


• Metal rods or the winding bars.


• Two pairs of sturdy locking pliers.


• A ladder.


• A number of sockets.


• Various wrenches each of sizes 3/8, 7/16, ½, and 9/16.


One must be following the given set of instructions while changing the garage door cables as well as the bottom brackets-torsion spring door:


  1.  First and foremost, the individual should unplug the door opener from the electrical outlet.
  2.  This should be followed by removing the arm from that of the garage door opener.
  3.  Then one must lock the garage door so that it is closed completely and then place the clamps in a position which should be on the track above that of the middle roller. This should be done so as to ensure that the door does not by any chance open while one is working on it.
  4.  Next one should unwind the spring or springs: For doing so, one must position the ladder in such a way that will help to keep one’s face from that of the winding cone as well as the winding bars as the unwinding of the spring takes place.  It should be made sure that the set screws do not come into contact with each other at any cost. Then one can proceed to insert the second winding bar completely inside the winding cone and also lift the first winding bar up and remove the first bar at the same time. This should be done because right after this, the reapplying of the same amount of tension takes place later on. So one must be patient enough and hence take complete time to concentrate on what he is doing 
  5.  This step is followed by the unwinding of the second spring positioned on the second spring door: if one has a garage door which has two torsion springs. The above process should be repeated on the other spring. Before proceeding, all the tension should essentially be removed from that of the torsion spring.
  6.  One must loosen the drum and also remove the cable: For doing so, first the set screws should be loosened which are positioned on the cable drum which can then be followed by sliding the cable drum away from that of the end bearing plate. Then one should remove the cable from that of the cable drum. One may allow the cable to drop to the floor.
  7.  The truck should be loosened and then remove the bottom bracket: Firstly, the light bolt which holds the bottom bracket to the wall should be removed. Then one must remove the fasteners in the correct place from the bottom bracket. The truck can then slide to the side and thus help to remove the cable from the door. The roller can then be installed into the bottom bracket from where one can easily thread the cables which are kept behind the rollers placed on the door. Once the cable is positioned behind both the roller and the bracket, the bottom bracket can then be easily installed on the garage door. Before proceeding, one must ensure that all are tightly fastened.
  8.  The cable can then be installed in the drum as well as the set drum: Firstly, the fact that the cable is completely clear from any kinds of barriers should be made sure of. The cable should be properly seeded into the cable drum. One must ensure that the cable is properly taking care of the correct tracking into the grooves of the cable drum. The set screws must not be overly tightened up. The locking pliers should be placed on the shaft so as to allow the proper resting against that of the wall which will enable to hold the cable tight on to the cable drum.


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