There is no point in arguing that garage doors are an important investment for your home. Neither less to say, it is such an investment that you can easily protect. You won’t be able to find any garage door that is completely investment free. The sole idea behind this article is to provide you with an ultimate garage door maintenance checklist. 


If you are looking forward to regularly maintain your garage door, you can reap the following benefits.


  • Easily prevent damages caused by outside matters
  • Significantly reduce the overall wear and tear of the garage door hardware
  • Helps to remove the dirt and debris that accumulates over time
  • Restores the other look into factor condition
  • Can help to assess with the door for deterioration


Down below is a list of the main areas which must be addressed during garage door maintenance.


Garage Door Maintenance Preventive Checklist:


1) Visual Examination


One of the most vital aspects of regular maintenance is to pay close attention to your garage door. Make sure to see the same in action while operating your door. You can easily make sure whether it is working properly or not. If it is moving smoothly as before or you are experiencing any jerks. Even speculating the noises it makes is crucial too. If it is creating a cranking sound, chances are it has a broken spring.


2) Tightening Up the Hardware


Once you have made sure that your garage door has passed the visual test, it’s time to move forward with the maintenance. The next important thing is to tighten up all the hardware. After all, any typical garage door moves almost 1000 times throughout the year. With all the moving parts that are attached to it, any one of them can become loose over time.


3) Testing the Overall Balance


One of the most common reasons due to which garage doors don’t last longer is used to balance. At least once in every three months, the user needs to make sure that the garage door is perfectly balanced or not. In order to check the same, make sure to disconnect to the opener and pull the release cord. If the garage door doesn’t hold up half-way through, chances are it is improperly balanced.


4) Replacing the Roller When Needed


Roller is by far one of the most crucial elements to a garage door. That is why it is important to check the rollers every six months. And certainly, the roller needs replacement after every seven years. Using your garage door more than twice every single day further damages the roller. So, if you find your roller worn out or chipped, make sure to replace your garage door roller.


5) Replacing the Weatherstripping


The weatherstripping of your garage door is what makes your garage door prone to different climatic conditions. One of the easiest ways to check is to look for the rubber weather seal that is at the bottom of your garage door. In case you find it broken or even cracked, make sure to change it as soon as possible. One of the best things is that you can actually find weatherstripping for your garage door in any hardware store.


6) Lubricating the Moving Parts


For seamless and smooth movement, you need to grease up your garage door parts from time to time. That doesn’t mean you need to turn everything upside down just in order to get started with lubrication. You can just lube the exposed hardware of your garage door. Neither less to say, it is just going to take you a little more than 10 minutes in one year. Make sure to use lithium-based grease for the opener screw and chains for better results.


7) Examine the Cables


Although the cables for the garage door are built like a tank, it is always necessary to check them over time. Neither less to say, if the cables are left unchecked, it can pose a greater threat to the garage door along with the residents of the house. So, make sure to check for a broken strand on the cable and change them immediately.


8) Testing the Auto-Reverse Safety Feature


The auto-reverse safety feature can always come handy, especially if you are dealing with kids at your house. This makes sure that if any object comes under the garage door during the closing process, it can reverse back to its initial position. In order to test the feature, make sure to put something under the door apart from yourself.


9) Clearing the Tracks


Checking the tracks are fairly important to make sure for a better movement of your garage door. First of all, you need to clear both the sides of the track from debris that accumulates over time. In fact, one can even use a level to make sure that if it is properly leveled or not. Although, it is always advised to go with a professional for such instances.


10) Inspecting the Door Itself


Last but not least, one should never forget to inspect the garage door itself. For example, if you are using any wooden garage door, it can damage itself by water or other climatic variation. As for steel and iron, rusting is something you can’t overlook. So, make sure to bear this in mind, while inspecting your garage door.


Going Beyond Regular Maintenance


It is imperative to understand that garage door maintenance checklist can surely come handy at times. But there are several circumstances where one needs professional assistance. This includes keeping complex garage door repairs, changing broken springs and whatnot. This is exactly where Infinity garage repair comes into play.


Silver Fox Garage Door Repair works with all the major garage door manufacturers and spare parts suppliers. This ensures that you are getting the best quality materials. You can also avail the benefits of emergency repair services. After all, garage door problems don’t wait for the right time. Further, including, you can always get in touch with our customer services. Working 24/7 around the clock ensures that we can put our customer preferences above anything else.

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