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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Aluminum Garage Door

With every single year, the choices of garage doors are readily increasing. For instance, currently, one can find a plethora of garage doors that are made out of different materials along with different styles. Neither less to say, there are also different opening mechanisms.  Starting out with the aluminum garage doors, these are one of the [...]

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Replacing the Belt on a Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener Las Vegas

Being able to repair or replace the belt on a belt-drive Garage Door Opener is very helpful, especially when technicians are not available on the go. The guide given below will assist you in replacing or repairing the belt on a belt-drive residential garage door openers all by yourself. This DIY repair guide is of [...]

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How To Level a Garage Door

Tips: How To Level a Garage Door

The garage doors generally have a consistent hollow shaft which runs across the door's top. Heavy industrial doors have solid shafts with an adjustable coupler for leveling and light commercial doors which are residential do not use couplers. The leveling is done by cable drum rotation sidewise which is higher. To get the optimal result [...]

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Garage Door Is Not Moving

Garage Door Is Not Moving: Motor Troubleshooting

If there’s anything which requires important attention for regular maintenance purpose, it is the garage door of a home. In order to keep it proper working conditions, the garage door must be well-looked after. It consists of many moving parts and therefore, the chances of a number of tools working incorrectly are high, resulting in [...]

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