In the majority of the lift master and sears openers, a motor is responsible for turning the drive shaft which resides inside the opener. This, in turn, helps the sprocket get attached at the top of the drive shaft, turning the chain, letting the door to move. One of the most common circumstances where the garage door opener gear replacement is when the gear wears out within the chain drive. 


Thus, the entire sprocket is jeopardized, restricting the drive garage door openers to either open or close the door. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware, how you can actually change the worn gears and drives on your chain-drive garage door openers. 


Tools required for Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Replacement:


Some of the most common tools that shall be required to perform the repair includes: 


  • Step ladder
  • Drive gear
  • Hammer
  • Work Table
  • Work gloves
  • Slot screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Punch Set
  • Grease


Steps to Replace Worn Gears and Drive:




The first and foremost task is to disconnect the power supply from the circuit board and the entire garage door opener. 




Once there is no power supply, it’s time to take the entire door down. Bear in mind to have something like a table under the motor to provide support once you start working the garage door. Start out by removing the screws from the outer trolley followed by fastening rings from the header bracket clevis pins. That being said, lower the rail along with the motor unit so that you can have a better workspace around. 




Once you have successfully disassembled the majority of the garage door, it’s time to remove the chain along with the entire cable assembly. That being said, after complete the removal of the outer nuts, you can easily pull the chains off the motor unit. After taking them off the chain spreader, you can proceed with the further repair. 




Within the motor unit, make sure to remove all the light covers and bulbs. Then you can remove the gear and the entire sprocket assembly. After you have completely removed the mounting screws, you can easily take off the gear and the overall assembly out. 




Now, it’s time for the most critical removal process. You can easily move the motor by starting out with the main bearing in the motor plates. After that, unplug the RPM sensor and the motor mounting nuts. At last, pull out the motor from the mounting plate and set it beside the motor unit. 




Now, you have finally gained access to the worn-out gear. With the use of a hammer or pinch, you can easily drive out the front roll pin out of the shaft. Following the same, remove the O and C ring along with the spacer. Lastly, reinstall the front roll pin. 




After you have fixed the worn-out gear, it’s time for you to reinstall the motor. Always use a new motor shaft bearing during the reinstalling process. Now, put the interrupter cut back to the shaft and reconnect the RPM sensor back with the motor. 




After you have reinstalled the motor, it’s time to replace the drive gear. At first, make sure to pull the entire drive gear out of the drive shaft. It just makes the entire process easier to work with. Now, slide in the new drive gear inside the shaft and use a new roll pin for the gear and the shaft. Complete the step by lubricating the drive gear with the help of grease. 




Now, it’s time to reinstall the gear and the overall sprocket assembly. At first, insert the same within the motor unit with the help of the mounting screws. That being said, push the helical gears and secure the assembly tightly using a retaining clip. 


STEP 10:


Now, make sure to position the limit switch and reinstall the motor unit covers. Both of them can be easily secured using mounting screws. Now, reinstall the light bulbs along with its cover, followed by the chain spreader. 


STEP 11:


Once you have complete access to the gear and sprocket kit, make sure the reinstall the chain. At first, insert the threaded trolley shaft inside the trolley hole while reinstalling the outer nuts. And lastly, make sure to hand tighten the outer nut for a secured position. 


STEP 12:


Sears craftsman can be visualized by tightening the chains. Make sure to properly adjust the outer nuts in such a position that the trolley threaded shaft can be positioned at the same place. Then tighten the inner nuts to secure the inner trolley. 


STEP 13:


Make sure to use the kit includes in order to reinstall the entire garage door. First of all, reconnect the railheads and position your step ladders. The entire process should be followed by reconnecting the straight door arms along with reengaging with the trolley. 


STEP 14:


Plug in the electric power supply, to ensure that the residential garage door opener is working properly or not. 


STEP 15:


Once you are done fixing the garage door openers commercial, make sure to adjust the overall travel limit. Managing both the up and down travel ensures that you get a fully functional garage door which opens and closes perfectly. 


Concluding Words


It is imperative to understand that, although we have described all the steps required for garage door opener gear replacement, it is still advised to seek professional assistance when you are in need. Expert garage door technicians from Silver Fox Garage Repair can help you fix your garage doors Las Vegas in no time.


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