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Best Custom Aluminum Garage Doors Las Vegas

Variety of Custom Aluminum Garage Doors at Silver Fox Garage Repair

Do you want a customized aluminum garage door? Above all, using aluminum is very practical considering its durability and performance. In other words, strong doors. You are guaranteed to have a unique design that raises the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. Our full-view aluminum garage doors are expertly engineered of aluminum. These garage doors will give your home the perfect blend of industrial and ultra modern. Therefore, they will make your house look great.

Aluminum garage doors have many of the same advances as steel garage doors. Wood-grain embossing and durable finishes are typical. Aluminum single-piece tilt-up doors are fairly popular because they are extremely lightweight. They will not rust and are relatively inexpensive. For example, the doors range from $400 to $700. Unfortunately, aluminum has a major drawback and that is it’s very easily dented.

Advantages of an Aluminum Garage Door

An aluminum door is lightweight. Therefore, the doors are typically easier to install. Consequently, it will make the task easier for you with these types of doors. Another benefit of aluminum’s lightweight nature. That is to say, it has less strain on the torsion spring, garage door opener, and other parts. If your opener quits working or you experience a power outage, a lighter door will be easier to open manually. The doors that are aluminum are eco-friendly metal and can be recycled.

Disadvantages of an Aluminum Garage Door

Above all, the major drawback of an aluminum garage door is that it will easily dent. Once your garage door is dented, it is hard to repair short of using auto body repair techniques. As a result, this is a disadvantage of installing an aluminum door.

If you know there is a high risk of denting on your doors, there are better choices. Most importantly, consider high winds, frequent hail storms, or kids playing in the driveway. To sum up, when these conditions exist or there is a high probability, you may want to consider other options.



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