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There is no point in arguing that Commercial Gates Las Vegas can provide a ton of convenience when they are working within a proper condition. In fact, when it comes to commercial building security, automatic gates have actually become a game-changer. But, everything comes at its own price, and the same goes for security doors Las Vegas.  Here is a detailed overview of all of our offerings when it comes to commercial garage gates.

Types of Commercial Automatic Gate Repairs in Las Vegas

As far as commercial gates are concerned, it consists of several moving parts that require fine maintenance. Regular wear and tear hinder with the overall usage of the automatic gate. Down below is a list of all the repair services that are offered by us related to your automatic gate:

1) Electrical Sliding Gates

One can actually find heavy usage of automatic slider gates where there is a shortage of space. This is mainly applicable if there is a limited amount of space outside the commercial property. With us, you can actually get sliding gates in varieties of sizes, exactly to the length of your commercial entrance. Based on your requirement, you can always choose the sliding gate that works best for you.

2) Automatic Swing Door

Swing doors have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. One of the biggest reasons for the same is due to its simplistic approach. That being said, based on the outside space allotted for your commercial building, swing doors can open both inwards and outwards. Automatic swing doors are the perfect solution for everyone looking forward to a heavy-duty door. They can also provide utmost durability along with very silent operation.

3) Motorized Overhead Gates

If your commercial building is constrained to a high-traffic area, motorized overhead gates might be the most viable solution for you. Neither less to say, you can choose your overhead gate based on the entrance, weight, and usage.

Why Do You Need Commercial Security Gate Solutions Las Vegas?

Installing commercial gates adds a ton of versatility to the table. Starting from improving the security to increasing the overall net valuation. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider opting for commercial gates for your property:

  • Starting out with the security aspect of commercial properties. It prevents access to any unauthorized personnel within the property. Electric gates, on the other hand, are virtually indestructible, making it hard for the burglars to enter into the property.
  • Automatic gates come with a variety of customization options. You can choose between the different models the market has to offer along with different colors that complement the commercial building. The majority of them also come with different locking mechanisms for added security.
  • One can entertain a seamless installation process. Our highly qualified technicians make sure that you don’t have to think twice about the same. After all, convenience is a crucial factor to consider, especially when you are dealing with such delicate and high-tech equipment.
  • As compared to the traditional gates from the past, the majority of the commercial gates are made out of steel and aluminum. This results in a corrosion-free gate, which, in turn, requires less management than others.
  • Insurances are also a crucial factor to consider, especially when you are working around commercial properties. You can actually get some additional insurance break while installing the extra layer of security for the property.

Our Other Range of Commercial Gates Las Vegas

We are also specialized in a wide range of automatic gates that are not widely used. This, in turn, provides the customers with the versatility from the plethora of options to choose from. Here are some of the special automatic gates worth mentioning:

  • Vertical Lift Gates

These gates are mainly applicable to those commercial areas where sliding or swing gates are not an option. Vertical gates work best even with the most cranked up commercial areas. With us, you can actually get vertical gates with both automatic and manual operation. Neither less to say, we also ensure that you get a completely seamless installation experience.

  • Anti-Ram Crash Gates

For the commercial areas where security is the ultimate concern, anti-ram gates are just the right solution. Starting from installation to regular maintenance and repair, one can get everything done that relates to the anti-ram crash gate from us. Getting in touch with us will ensure that you are getting the best possible solution.

  • Barrier Arms

Mainly installed around the driveway of commercial properties, barrier arms play a very crucial role. You can get an automated one or even a manually operated barrier arm from us. Bear in mind how the quality of the barrier arms greatly affects the quality of the services that you can expect from the same. That is why, we never compromise with the quality, while proving authentic parts during any repair.

  • Grilles

Apart from gates, grilles are also an integral part of tightening the security of commercial areas. Neither less to say, grilles make sure that areas such as hospitals and offices get the right protection they deserve. We thrive to specialize in the installation, repair, and proper maintenance of grilles.

As commercial gates are becoming more and more of a necessity to protect your hard-earned property and assets, Silver Fox now specializes in commercial gates from new installations to repairs. Of course, we only install the highest quality, custom-built gates made right here in the USA. We install all types of commercial gates – chain link gates, aluminum gates, cantilever gates, gates as big as 30 ft, etc.

Silver Fox prides ourselves on service and you can expect the best from us. Yes, we guarantee we’ll show up when we are supposed to. We pick up our phones and we meet our deadlines. Better yet, we’ll also save you time and money! Silver Fox will easily save you over 30% off the costs of our competitors.  Contact Us Now.  Make sure to also like us on Facebook. 

Silver Fox 9 Point Inspection

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  • Adjusting Garage Door
  • Inspecting Hinges
  • Track Adjustment
  • Inspect All Moving Parts
  • Inspect Track
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Spring Tension



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